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Using Wake on Lan over the Internet

One of the most asked questions I receive is "How do I set my router to port forward WoL".

Most of the time consumer grade routers won't allow you to port forward to the address required by Wake on Lan. If that's the case for you then maybe this will help.

You will need:

a. A router that you can telnet into and set up arp entries.

b. That's it.

1. Telnet into your router and add a static arp entry – how you do this depends on your router but here is how I did it.

setting a static arp entry

2. Set your router to forward UDP or Both to the ip address you used in 1. This was a right pita for me but you hopefully have a better web interface.

3. Give it a go from here and you should see something like this .... hopefully.

This screen shot is from Wireshark set to monitor on port 4343.

You can see the original blog post here...