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tanzania 2011 day four

Day Four: 22nd December 2011

Diary coming soon but here is a video to keep you entertained.

Today we left Tarangire National Park on route to the Ngorongoro Crater by way of Gibbs Farm. Gibbs Farm is a working farm and coffee plantation with a rather small waterfall.

We arrived at Gibbs Farm in glorious sunshine and had a nice meander down to the waterfalls which were smaller than I was expecting but still great to see and always fun to get out and walk in the real countryside. On our way back to eat we looked around the farm and were just about to see the gardens when the heavens opened. When it rains it really does rain.

As quickly as the rain came it went and it was time to taste some of the wonderful coffee they produce. Wow this stuff is amazing, fresh and full of taste and flavour.

So what do you do after a few cups of coffee, off to visit the most scenic loo in the world. This loo is amazing, one wall is open to the gardens where there is a rich abundance of flowers and birds. Never has a pee been so exciting.

After Gibbs Farm it was time to travel to our next lodge at Ngorongoro and peek at tomorrows destination, but still time to wonder around the lodge and see the bird eating bird of Ngorongoro which were odd to say the least.

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