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Using Wake on Lan over the interweb – static arp

February 12, 2012 by The Man

A lot of people ask why they cannot get WoL to work over the internet. I usually tell them that the first thing they need to do is port forward – and this is usually where it breaks down because nearly all modern routers in the consumer market do not allow you to port forward to the broadcast address that WoL requires.

Well there is a way round this if you have access to your router via telnet and can add arp entries.

1. Telnet into your router and add a static arp entry – how you do this depends on your router but here is how I did it.

2. Set your router to forward UDP or Both to the ip address you used in 1. This was a right pita for me but you hopefully have a better web interface.

3. Give it a go from here and you should see something like this …. hopefully.