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Wake on Lan Over The Interweb

Wake On Lan over the Internet

Wake on Lan Magic Packets can be sent over the Internet - why not try waking up one of your machines with our free Wake On Wan Service. Want a quick way to use this page ?

Bookmark will get you straight there without the need to press those pesky send buttons.

mac address i.e 00-33-AE-4F-2D-1A or 00:33:AE:4F:2D:1A

ip address or fqdn

*subnet mask - usually if you
want to go to the specific ip

*port - will default to 4343 if not supplied

*SecureON - used when you have set a password

*these fields are not required and will use default values if left empty

wake up
Last login: Fri Jul 19 18:51:48 on ttys000
depicus:~ web$>

Learn more about how wake on lan works and our step by step guide to getting started.