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  1. No Windows Phone app any time soon…

    April 17, 2012 by The Man

    Well a few days later and it looks like there won’t be a Windows Phone version anytime soon. Here is why.

    1. There is no solid reliable way to get your own IP address and while there are bodges I prefer not to release stuff that requires such hacks to get them to work as they, at some point will fail to work.

    2. There seems to be no reliable way to use UDP broadcasts – WHAT !?!?!? yes but there you go.

    Not great news but maybe Windows Phone 8 will finally catch up to where Android and iOS were two years ago.

  2. Is Windows 7 Phone set to fail ?

    October 6, 2010 by The Man

    One of the things developers hate most is being told what to do. Now for any platform to take off it needs developers and Windows 7 Phone looks to be doing it’s best to block as many developers from developing on that platform as possible.

    Why ?

    Now I know XP is old but it is “reliable” and I use it for .NET development. I am not going to upgrade just to develop for Windows 7 Phone so chances are unless 7 is a HUGE success then I won’t be developing for it.

    Contrast this with Nokia who have an SDK for Windows, Linux and Mac.

    Contrast this with Google Android where I can use Eclipse on any OS

    Contrast this with Apple, ok not a great example but with such a large market they can do as they please.

    And is that the best dialog you could come up with…..