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  1. Some good service – Google Wallet

    October 18, 2014 by The Man

    I bitch a LOT about poor service but sometimes companies just get it right and yesterday was one of those days. While trying to sign up for a Google Wallet Sandbox account it kept suggesting I live in the US of A but I don’t. So right there on the page is a help button. That help button leads to a page with contact ¬†information on and the ability to livechat. So a quick livechat later the problem wasn’t solved but I’d had an email to send screen shots and the incident had been escalated. This – on a Saturday – was fantastic support.

    Well done Google Wallet


    Footnote : if you have a site with any kind of signup then livechat can be a godsend so if you are big enough I suggest you look at implementing it.

    Update: Sadly nobody at Google could fix the problem which was minor in nature but it’s always a good test of future services how they deal with signups. They were poor so I’ll avoid recommending them to clients.