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  1. Internet Explorer 6 – really !?!?

    March 7, 2010 by The Man

    I was surprised to read that IE6 still holds 20% of the browser market in 2010, over 8 years since it’s launch. Much of this is blamed on corporate usage but can this really be the case. Are corporate hooked on IE6 and why have they not updated ? My mum managed to update to IE7 and then IE8 without issue so it really cannot be that hard can it ?

    What’s odd is that I had a quick look at my Google stats to see how many IE6 users I got. I was thinking nothing more that 1%. How wrong I was, IE6 still accounts for over 6% of visitors to the site. This I find odd for a site geared towards the more technically minded user.

    Firefox users seem to update more often, with only about 1% of all Firefox users using less than 3.5

    Maybe it’s time for users to be forced to upgrade.