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  1. Setting vmware ESXi 5 server to use http for web services

    January 29, 2012 by The Man

    Well a bit of a pain in the … but here goes.

    1. Log into your ESXi server and enable SSH from the “Troubleshooting Options”
    2. SSH into your ESXi box with root and your password
    3. Change directory to /etc/vmware/hostd/
    4. Edit with “vi proxy.xml” and find the (if you want sdk find that)) section and change the access mode from httpsWithRedirect to httpAndHttps. In vi just take the cursor to that section and press a
    5. Save the file ESC > : > w > q > ! and this should solve the problem of the file being read-only
    6. The docs say service mgmt-vmware restart but i could not get that to run so I just rebooted the ESXi

    Easy really.