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  1. Windows 2008 and network backups

    March 9, 2010 by The Man

    I am never amazed at how bad developers can get. Sloppy implementations in products that should be growing and making life easier are making life harder. Today’s culprit is the backup system of Windows 2008.

    Now for years we have been happy with NTBackup that could

    1. Backup Exchange
    2. Backup to a network drive
    3. Backup selected files

    Now we get the crap that is included in Windows 2008. Not only does it not backup Exchange but it does only full and incremental backups. But worst of all is that while you can manually back up to a network drive you cannot do so from the backup wizards scheduled tasks. Why ?

    Anyway to get round this you can create a vbscript (I use one that starts the backup then on completion returns the result and sends me an email with the details in) and use this in the start command.

    wbadmin start backup –backupTarget:\UbuntuAnswer
    –include:c:,d:,e: -vssFull –quiet

    USB backup while a nice idea can easily turn into a nightmare should people pull the drive out without disconnecting it, when the drive goes you are stuffed. At least with a network backup the server or NAS device is usually there.