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Journalism and the web don’t mix

March 1, 2010 by The Man

I am not sure what the telegraph was thinking, apart from page impressions and maybe ad clicks, when they posted the headline “Apple admits using child labour” but judging by the comments I am not the only one to find it odd.

Lies isn’t really what journalism is about, the factories are not owned by Apple in the same way I don’t own Tesco but I do shop there. When I was 15 I worked in a spray shot for a Ford garage, so therefore “Ford admits using children in bio-hazardous plants”, no of course not.

The sad part is that Apple and Nike are trying to make this world a little better, they are trying to ensure safety and bio standards are met in factories where they contract for goods to be made. I wonder if the boards at HP, Dell or Cisco are put off doing they kind of reports because of cocks like the telegraph.

Traditional news media is dying and this really isn’t going to help. I would rather take my news from than what passes as journalism at the telegraph now days.