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Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Beach Resort

March 4, 2010 by The Man

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing and in the case of the Beau Vallon one that was a hard lesson. TripAdvisor has plenty of reviews that seem to echo what I saw when I was there. I always thought that the class divide was just something you saw on the railways but it looks like anybody who ventured into the standard rooms really did get a bum deal.

Here is part of the letter sent to Kuoni on my return, to there credit I just had a very nice letter back and £200 off my next holiday.

“Let me start off by saying that my two weeks in Kenya were amazing, that part of my holiday I would recommend to anybody and am thinking about doing it again next year.

However the Seychelles extension was abysmal and the Beau Vallon Bay is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, which is saying something as I have stayed in quite a few sh** holes. Now I am not looking for a refund (although that would be nice) I just want to know how you ever send people to this kind of place when you are suppose to be a quality travel company. Who vets these places ? Why is it still in the 2010 brochure ?

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On arriving at the airport the local reps were very good. However things went downhill from there. On the taxi ride to the hotel we were involved in an accident and I had to walk to the hotel, only about 1000 yards but in 30 degree heat with all my luggage it was a bit of a struggle. The security hut could not get anybody to carry my bags, I then arrive at the reception to be left standing and then interviewed Gestapo style before I could get a room.

Apart from the room, the hallways stank. I wasn’t sure what kind of smell it was until I went out for a walk one day (which I did most days just to get out of the hotel) and smelt the same smell while walking past bins left out in the heat.

The food ….

What was suppose to be hot was either luke warm or sometimes not cooked properly at all. Now I have to hand it to the chef because I thought it impossible to f*** up a salad but hats off to him because he managed it. The salads were often warmer than the hot courses. The soup came out of a packet and really only changed colour not taste.

Thank god for a chinese next door where I had to eat the same meal every day at great expense for fear of botulism in the hotel restaurant

I’d like to say the staff made it bearable but I haven’t seen such miserable, unhelpful people since my days visiting clients in Brixton Prison.”

My opinion, stay there at your own peril, from the gold standard of service in Kenya this could not have been any worse a hotel. 0 Stars.