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tanzania 2011 day two

Day Two: 20th December 2011

We left the Arusha Hotel for a morning safari around the Arusha National Park which is home to giraffe, zebra and colobus monkeys. We also got some amazing views of Mt. Meru, an active stratovolcano, which had a side collapse many years ago.

The afternoon was spent travelling to Tarangire National Park which has a huge amount of elephants in herds up to 300 strong. While rushing to get to our lodge before dark we were tipped off about a cheetah sighting and ended the day on a high with this beautiful animal.

Sadly our driver got a little to excited and we got to close to the cheetah and disturbed it. I don’t like to disturb any animal in its home and for that I am sorry.

Tomorrow there are a lot more elephants.

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