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The 0800 088 5480 scammers

March 22, 2016 by The Man

What’s disturbing is this 0800 088 5480 number has been used for scamming for nearly two years – thanks to BT for making it impossible to report this scam number and allowing people to get scammed while you earn money off them.

0800 088 5480

There is a more comprehensive report here but despite being over a year ago they still been to be working from the same number.

So, like most scams, they want to control your pc so they can install malware and steal your bank details. They pray on the old and will continue to do so when it’s so hard to report this. should be the place to report such crimes but they are only interested in general types of scam for their statistics and seem to be disinterested in actually closing these numbers down.

Scammers scam because good men do nothing !!!