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Marketing in Technology Products

May 22, 2014 by The Man

Here is how I imagine the conversation went…

vmware no go

In a meeting room at VMware

Mark: This is Sarah, she’s from marketing and is here to help us with our latest app, the web client for vmware, Sarah over to you.

Sarah: Thanks Mark now I think we need to make a dramatic entrance when people first see our app so I want a page with our logo swirling in, we have spoken to design and they say they can do a Flash page that nobody can bypass.

Tom: But Sarah this is an enterprise product where most people will have banned flash.

Sarah: Yes but our focus group said they wanted something flashy and because I can bullshit with the CEO and use longer words than he knows I’m sure I’m right so please get it done.

Tom: But but….

Mark: Great let’s do this. Pencil in another meeting for this afternoon so we can check we have emailed everybody about this meeting.

Tom: But we are the only three people here.

Sarah: You can never have enough meetings.