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Clever Scam & Why LinkedIn Is The Last Place To Look For Employees

June 5, 2018 by The Man

Received this email yesterday and it got me thinking why !?!?!

Now it’s either a scam or hopefully a very clever person who was sacked from their last job. Let me explain.

Imagine you were working at X company for a few years and one day they caught you stealing the one ply toilet rolls from the third floor loos. How are you going to get a job now ? Simple you just Google a list of companies that have closed in the last year as Digital Wired has. Add that to your C.V. and who’s going to query when you tell them the company went bust or lost a big contract etc. because who are they going to check with. Perfect and unless your HR department checked with the old directors who’s to ever know.

I hope Daniel gets a job soon, if nothing but for his ingenuity 😊