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  1. My new love – a Macbook Air 11″ i7 with 256GB of SSD

    November 28, 2011 by The Man

    Wowza this machine is amazing, just ran Aperture and imported 10Gb of MRAW files from a Canon 7D and it ran like a dream, fast – yes the processor all 4 of them maxed out but I was screen recording as well. More to follow when I have given it a thorough going over.

  2. Slow Motion in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

    August 4, 2011 by The Man

    They say “motion is captured in the camera” and this is especially true for slow motion.

    This is a quick, dirty and unscientific look and the new Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5s retiming.

    The clip is a 5 second shot that I knew would not slow down well despite being shot on a Canon 7D at 720p 60fps.

    All the clips were retimed to 10%.

    If you want to see what the Canon 7D at 60fps can do have a look at this sadly it uses a plugin in FCP which is not yet available for FCP X.

    The Motion 5 frame blending settings were:

    Motion-Blur Blending
    Optical Flow

  3. Getting EXIF data from images on iOS

    May 7, 2011 by The Man

    Working on a project that needed to show images with their information so looked into extracting EXIF data from the image itself rather than banging it into a db. Note this requires jpg files as png’s didn’t seem to work.

        NSString *myPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"IMG_2733" ofType:@"JPG"];
        NSURL *myURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:myPath];
        CGImageSourceRef mySourceRef = CGImageSourceCreateWithURL((CFURLRef)myURL, NULL);
        NSDictionary *myMetadata = (NSDictionary *) CGImageSourceCopyPropertiesAtIndex(mySourceRef,0,NULL);
        NSDictionary *exifDic = [myMetadata objectForKey:(NSString *)kCGImagePropertyExifDictionary];
        NSDictionary *tiffDic = [myMetadata objectForKey:(NSString *)kCGImagePropertyTIFFDictionary];
        NSLog(@"exifDic properties: %@", myMetadata); //all data
        float rawShutterSpeed = [[exifDic objectForKey:(NSString *)kCGImagePropertyExifExposureTime] floatValue];
        int decShutterSpeed = (1 / rawShutterSpeed);
        NSLog(@"Camera %@",[tiffDic objectForKey:(NSString *)kCGImagePropertyTIFFModel]);
        NSLog(@"Focal Length %@mm",[exifDic objectForKey:(NSString *)kCGImagePropertyExifFocalLength]);
        NSLog(@"Shutter Speed %@", [NSString stringWithFormat:@"1/%d", decShutterSpeed]);
        NSLog(@"Aperture f/%@",[exifDic objectForKey:(NSString *)kCGImagePropertyExifFNumber]);
        NSNumber *ExifISOSpeed  = [[exifDic objectForKey:(NSString*)kCGImagePropertyExifISOSpeedRatings] objectAtIndex:0];
        NSLog(@"ISO %i",[ExifISOSpeed integerValue]);
        NSLog(@"Taken %@",[exifDic objectForKey:(NSString*)kCGImagePropertyExifDateTimeDigitized]);

    Obviously change the image name and be aware that images loaded in a UIImageView seem to have their EXIF data stripped out.

  4. iPhone 4 HDR images

    September 3, 2010 by The Man

    Well now the new XCode 4 is out and supports iOS 4.1 I thought I would try the new HDR features. Well you can color me impressed, and by that I mean for a feature I wasn’t expecting and got for free.

    The iPhone saves two copies of each image (it actually takes 3 images but the underexposed and overexposed versions are deleted). You can change this in Settings to only save the HDR version.

    Here is the standard picture. Note the blown out sky top left.


    Now the HDR version with a blue sky top left

    BUT… while the overall details are enhanced I still feel the bottom left has lost a bit of contrast and vibrancy.

  5. How to lose 33 minutes of your life….

    May 13, 2010 by The Man

    Basingstoke Canal from Brian Slack on Vimeo.

    This is the wonderful view I get on the way to work, it’s a hard life.

  6. Bisley Developments Ltd

    April 9, 2010 by The Man

    Bisley Developments Ltd congratulations on your victory in court, it just goes to show if you bend the truth often enough you can win. Well done to Judge King as well who I upset in the first hearing so knew I would not win. If you would like to see these cowboys work you can view some of the photos in the gallery below.

    [nggallery id=6]