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Adobe Air

March 18, 2010 by The Man

I have spent the last few days testing out and playing with Air, I had a specific project in mind but I didn’t want to use Flash as this was for some companies and they often block Flash or remove it.

It all started off quite well, create a web site using HTML and I used some of the stuff from Ext JS as their stuff is quite kool. There are quite a few headaches when you are learning a new language and method of developing but once I got all the right libraries we were good to go.

Things looked good and on my Macbook Pro the files were all condensed into a single app file. Great I thought and spent a few more days playing about. Now time to test on Windows.

Flip me if it just pumps all the files into a directory. Unlike the Mac it doesn’t pack all the files in to a neat container. Now I know it would not take much to extract and view the files on the Mac but I do like to hide things away from the user.

Will this kill the project, we will find out next week.